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Consumerism Art

In today's era of consumerism, daily life has been commercialized. Objects and even people have become symbols in today's society, and the meaning of pursuit has become a pessimistic move.

The consumerist society too relies on status symbols to distinguish social status and social stratification, so that adults and even teenagers have the value of wearing famous brands or luxury goods to show their personal identity and satisfy their own vanity.I painted four adults and teens, dressed in luxuries that might not actually be necessary, with backgrounds smeared in different colors to show the desires and vanity of people under the influence of today's consumerism.

In addition, these painting assignments are used to wake people up that not to blindly pursue unnecessary popularity.

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  • Leo Frederic

    Leo Frederic is my design of a fantasy creature when I was studied at school. It was a hybrid from lion, deer horn, and vine. It is the god of the nature in a novel which is written by me in childhood.

  • Time Capsule / 5G

    This illustration is about the technological development in this world. I designed two character who named 5 and G for this illustration.

  • Adventure of Little Witch

    This is my final year project. Adventure of Little Witch is a illustration book which is talking about “Achieve”. The story is talking about the process to make a magic scarf from a girl, named Nana. She was facing a lot of difficulties in this adventure, but she didn’t give up.

  • Power of Leaves

    This is my artwork in My Tiger Values Art Competition 2020, hosted by Maybank. I choose leaves texture brush to form a tiger's painting, because the leaves can bring out TIGER's values, which are teamwork, integrity, growth, excellence & efficiency, and relationship building. Thousands of mature leaves stacked one by one to show the cooperation. Each leaf knows its role and strengths well and completes the pattern efficiently.After completing this tiger's work, the relationship of each leaf has also been established. If the relationship collapses, the tiger's work will also be destroyed.

  • Vehicle Creation, Alfred

    Alfred is a herb boat, It also the vehicle creation from my own novel. The owner of the boat is a herb doctor who is a kind and helpful.

  • Game Character Fanart

    This is a gaming character from The Tale of Food. The character is designed from a food named Sweet and Sour Mandarin Fish. This character is a loyal and introvert person. His weapon is a dagger.

  • Game Character Fanart

    This is a character named, Diluc Ragnvindr from Genshin Impact. He is the one of my favourite character in this game because he treat people justice and always being helpful. This illustration is just talking about the one of his profession which is bartender.

  • Character Design

    This is one of my own character named, Allen Lysander. He is a introverted person but he is kind and gentle.

  • Bestie

    This is a portrait illustration of my bestie, Au Jie Min, who is incharge in this showcase, TOO MUCH.  I painted this portrait illustration for her as a birthday surprise. I drew this for her birthday with my most sincere blessings.