Vanity is the things or acts that are worthless and excessive pride on appearance or accomplishments.

Look #01 : Named as vanity to reflect in an opposite way towards the "excessively pride on outer look" with a hoodie added as a coverage on exploring the "appearance. The heavy and full tassels added on each row to fulfil the fullness and a certain heaviness added to the wearer as VANITY also seen to be a burden whenever it been over-focused.

  • #01

    A knitted body cap as the base panel and knotted with the 8 mm macrame rope on each row and loop to achieve the fullness of look.

  • #01

    A mixture of purple and yellow to enhance the contrasty of look and highlighted the rough texture of macrame rope.

  • #01

    The fullness of the tassels able to create a great flow and circular motion whenever the wearer moves.

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