Ling Luen Hui

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Consumerism Art

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    People tend to be influenced by each others. Circle which keep rolling along the path become a standard to move forwards and the increasing of “circle” make other shapes being self-doubting and turn itself into circle to follow the majority.

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    When the society keep promoting on materialism, circles accumulated into line and row which then turned into a barcode that seen to be commercialised.

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    Daily living been surrounded by advertisement and people who keep encourages on consumption, which then make oneself lost and become the slaves of materialism.

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    Festival sales, year-end sale as well as any discount promotions used to trigger consumption. But, are the stuffs that we brought back home necessary? Or we are just desire to consume? 

    Are we really shop on the products or our freedom?

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    A girl who is filling up the puzzles pieces on her artwork of futures by herself. It could be slow in progress and seen difficult to complete, but it is the only masterpiece for her.