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Consumerism Art

People start becoming more ambition, or can I say : Greed.
Greed to have things that they don't even able to effort. 
Problem of consumerism are getting out of hand and there's no way to stop it.

/ Does branding help them in future?

/ Give them care and love. Not using them to fufill your need.

/ Take luxurious level to top.

/ Rejected.

  • Parent tend to fulfil and provide things as much as possible to their children which mostly focused on materialism. However, it had turned into a hidden threat that influences the child by demanding on excessive and unaware on financing concept.

  • Whenever you buy so much things for your pet and take a nice picture on the social media, do they demand on it or just as a fulfilment on your desires?

  • Shinny and expensive fine gold added on ice cream, steak, etc make it costs more. However, does human needs to intake gold as our daily essentials or just to fulfil the vanity demands?

  • “Your black card has been ban due to the unsettlement on debt”, “Then let’s try my other credit card”— When oneself had lost the self-control on consumption with future money, it will end up keep desiring on spending with the credit cards, from black to blue credit users.

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