Heng Lee Xuan

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Consumerism Art

Consumerism nowadays turning into a economic behavior which I think is quite similar to compulsive eating. More and more people misunderstanding their needs and wants and trying to seek for confidence, happiness or love from other substances. I wish to express the feelings of "DO YOU REALLY NEED ALL THESE?" and compulsive hoarding by using doodling style and repetitive curvy lines. 

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  • Lolita_1997

    Scene from movie Lolita(1997).

  • Lolita_Pain in my chest

    “But in my arms she was always Lolita.”

    Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita

  • Scarlett O'Hara

    Vivien Leigh as Scarlett in 1939 film Gone With The Wind.

  • JohnWick_color practice

    A practice during CNY 2020 as there is no WIFI in my mom’s hometown.

  • The Shape of Water

    One of my favourite scene in this movie.

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  • Madame Rose

    Playing and experimenting with color combinations.

  • Fall

    A doodle during class. 

  • Lines_fox

    I draw this to match with the tiger, but turned out they are in completely different styles. Anyway, I still like it.

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  • Cat #01

    The beginnings of the cat series, it was a color practice. I found out that just a little different between the eye distance or the pupil size can make a cat looks completely a different cat. So I started to paint portraits for my friends’ cats.

  • Cat #02

    My friend’s cat broke its leg. I did not realize the fur on its leg was shaved until I tried to paint details.

  • Cat #03

    The original photo is a cat in dustbin with very ambitious look. It might born to be a pirate.

  • Cat #04

    The sibling of the pirate cat. The cat looks so elegant and polite in the original photo. Therefore, I turned it into a noble cat and added some Rococo elements in it.