Collaborated with local illustrators.

A different ways of expressions on how consumerism has been distorted among the society. Excessive consumption is a "behaviour art" that created under capitalism and materialism.

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@ Heng Lee Xuan

Consumerism nowadays turning into a economic behavior which I think is quite similar to compulsive eating. More and more people misunderstanding their needs and wants and trying to seek for confidence, happiness or love from other substances. I wish to express the feelings of "DO YOU REALLY NEED ALL THESE?" and compulsive hoarding by using doodling style and repetitive curvy lines. 

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Illustrator: @lxheng6270

Artworks: @prophet017

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  • Parent tend to fulfil and provide things as much as possible to their children which mostly focused on materialism. However, it had turned into a hidden threat that influences the child by demanding on excessive and unaware on financing concept.

  • Whenever you buy so much things for your pet and take a nice picture on the social media, do they demand on it or just as a fulfilment on your desires?

  • Shinny and expensive fine gold added on ice cream, steak, etc make it costs more. However, does human needs to intake gold as our daily essentials or just to fulfil the vanity demands?

  • “You black card has been ban due to the unsettlement on debt”, “Then let’s try my other credit card”— When oneself had lost the self-control on consumption with future money, it will end up keep desiring on spending with the credit cards, from black to blue credit users.

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@ Lee Wei Wey

People start becoming more ambition, or can I say : Greed.
Greed to have things that they don't even able to effort.
Problem of consumerism are getting out of hand and there's no way to stop it.

/ Does branding help them in future?

/ Give them care and love. Not using them to fufill your need.

/ Take luxurious level to top.

/ Rejected.

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Graphic Designer: @weiwey316

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@ Vera Thong

In today's era of consumerism, daily life has been commercialized. Objects and even people have become symbols in today's society, and the meaning of pursuit has become a pessimistic move.

The consumerist society too relies on status symbols to distinguish social status and social stratification, so that adults and even teenagers have the value of wearing famous brands or luxury goods to show their personal identity and satisfy their own vanity.

I painted four adults and teens, dressed in luxuries that might not actually be necessary, with backgrounds smeared in different colors to show the desires and vanity of people under the influence of today's consumerism. In addition, these painting assignments are used to wake people up that not to blindly pursue unnecessary popularity.

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Graphic Designer: @verathong_

Artworks: @daydream_vera

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    People tend to be influenced by each others. Circle which keep rolling along the path become a standard to move forwards and the increasing of “circle” make other shapes being self-doubting and turn itself into circle to follow the majority.

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    When the society keep promoting on materialism, circles accumulated into line and row which then turned into a barcode that seen to be commercialised. 

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    Daily living been surrounded by advertisement and people who keep encourages on consumption, which then make oneself lost and become the slaves of materialism.

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    Festival sales, year-end sale as well as any discount promotions used to trigger consumption. But, are the stuffs that we brought back home necessary? Or we are just desire to consume? 

    Are we really shop on the products or our freedom?

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@ Ling Luen Hui

Consumerism Art

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Illustrator: @buliangshehui

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