Ja-Jmi's ARE WE? Spring/Summer 2022, Ready-to-wear.

Iron A' Design Awards

ARE WE, S/S 2022 Womenswear RTW

The collection had honoured with Iron A' Design Awards Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design Category, 2021 - 2022.

Design Presentation Page

A' Design Award Yearbook
  • Coral in the wave

    The flare layering look show the movement of the ocean and jellyfish oral arms. The coral move with the ocean wave create the beauty of nature.

  • Hug the Ocean

    Hug the ocean

    The wide opening fan shaped front flares as the reflection on ocean wave. Sleeveless design let the wearer's hand place in between the flare and show like hugging the wave during walking.

  • Wave Hug

    The flowy flares surrounded the whole body create the movement of "ocean wave" around the body. It creates the feeling of wave is hugging on the wearer.

  • Feel the coral and wave

    The crafted "coral" added at the front & back body, layered flare on sleeve that also visually merged to the pant side flares for greater movement created on the wearer.

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Story behind ARE WE S/S 22 RTW

  • Moodboard

  • Colour Board

  • Front Range Plan

  • Back Range Plan

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With the initial researched on Biosphere2, a past experiment, American Earth System science research facility aimed to study the preparation to build a second earth with 8 participants. However, it had announces as failure due to the loss control of eco-balance, accumulation of pests found within the enclosed ecological system. The biological experiment had reflected that we are impossible to build another planet which just as amazing as Earth. Due to the major issues of overloaded of pest issues, it been stopped until 10 years later, people return back to the enclosed facility and found out that the eco-system has been recovered with sufficient foods, clean water, and green plants plus no more pests problems. 

| Are We? | Questioning on the most intelligent species, Human: Are We the actual pest to this planet?

Concept Research.

Many of the people have a stereotype that forest or landscape is the major oxygen supply to the earth and raising the awareness about to protect land and forest. But there are lacking of awareness on protecting ocean. According to the research, there are at least half of the Earth’s exogenous comes from the ocean. The surface of ocean is teeming with the photosynthetic plankton. Although that they are invisible to the naked eye but produced more oxygen than the largest redwoods. Estimation from the scientists that 50% to 80% of the oxygen production are coming from the oceans. The oceanic plankton such as drifting plants, algae and some bacteria that can undergo photosynthesis contributed to this production.

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  • Designer's originality.

    The crafted "coral" is developed through the ideas transformation and sampling with different materials which then finalised as shown.

Production Process

Made of lightweight silky organza to create the flow flares with the multiple layering inserted. Layers attached with neat workmanship and gentle handling on soft base netting. The hand-crafted coral-like ornament is innovated and transform from hardness to softness creations. With the detailed handcrafting, ornaments was hand-stitched one by one.

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Photographer: Katharine Chai

Project Description

To create awareness on the damages made by human towards the marine world and inspired through an article, highlighted a past experiment, Biosphere2 failed due to eco-balance and proved impossible to build an EARTH. Designs highlighted on the beauty of nature with the blending of coral system and wave onto garment. Each handmade coral structured detail is originally created through development. The masterpiece has about 300 pieces of detailed handmade coral attached.


Designer decided to highlight on the beauty of nature instead of keep telling people their mistakes. Realising the beauty will make people more willing to accept the current pollution that had been made by themselves and as a reminder to protect and save the planet. The ideas of highlights marine as the main focus point as it build the majority of planet area and contributed as the oxygen generators to most of the organisms which would known as valued contributors and coral reef act as the habitat for most of the smaller sized organism in the sea.

Collaborated Photographer: Yolanda Tang & Photography Team: Y-Community