Why Ja-Jmi?

JA-JMI is named according to the founder, Jasmine Au Jie Min and it pronounce close to the pronunciation of Chinese name, JIE MIN. 


It is a future plan from Jasmine to establish a brand with sustainability approaches to involve herself into the mission of moving green and save the planet. Ja-Jmi is looking forwards to become a sustainable fashion brand in future, soon.


The inspiration to start up a sustainable brand come from the journey of learning fashion design in Raffles University. In 2019, she designed her first collection from the first design project and she reflect the live issues through garment. Through the process of researching, developing and creating the art pieces, she had read through a wide range of articles that highlighted how sick is the planet now. Human's behaviour is the main factor that impacts and destroyed the only Earth. She hopes to make some changes, even though it is only a minor contribution but she believe that every success start from the first step and minor actions.

  • Designer Profile

    Jasmine Au Jie Min, a fashion designer who loves in exploring different things and field to enhance her inspirations and works. She believes that creativity needs a stimulator to stimulate and generate explosive ideas.

Awards: Honoured in several awards since 2019.

  • Iron A' Design Awards

    Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design Category, 2021 - 2022.

  • Paper Couture Top 10 Finalist

    Alam Flora Paper Couture - Waste is Amazing, September 2021

  • Sakura Collection Asia Student Awards

    Winning the 4th prize in the Sakura Collection Asia Student Awards in Malaysia 2020

  • Raffles International Avant Garde Fashion Award

    Third Place in Raffles International Avant Garde Fashion Award, 2019

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